Steve Lesnard Talks The Importance Of Simplicity In A Digital World

Marketing has been an important part of any business for generations, but it has done through a lot of changes. In recent years, the world going to digital has had a huge impact on marketing and marketing expert Steve Lesnard has stated that it’s important to utilize the different digital platforms while keeping the preferences of the customers in mind. While Steve Lesnard knows that it is easy enough to advertise your product on social media, it’s not as easy to create a campaign that actually has a widespread impact and can attract customers to buying what you have to offer. In the end, it’s the customer that matters and you have to keep in mind what will catch their attention and help them decide if your product is worthwhile to them.

One of the most important things that Steve Lesnard says your company should consider is simplicity. While your product may offer your consumers a lot of different things, there are only so many things that you can mention during your campaign while still being able to get and maintain the attention of your audience. There is a lot of different information on social media and you only have a brief period of time to influence someone enough to want to get more information or even make a purchase through your marketing. It’s a good idea to pick one of the most important aspects of your product that is marketable and stick with that during your campaign.

When advertising your product to consumers, Steve Lesnard states the importance of making it real and relatable. While a product may seem cool and interesting, if a consumer cannot see how it can benefit their life in an accessible way, they won’t be making a purchase. You need to be able to bring your product to life over the digital media you are marketing it on. Your customers should know what it does, how to use it, and how they will look while using it. All of these are truly important to marketing your product and doing it properly can energize your campaign.

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The rise of Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger


Matthew Fleeger is the CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western, and much of the success of the company has been credited under his leadership of the oil and gas company. Gulf Coast Western is built on working with other partners while trying to expand their territory. In fact, the company has attributed much of their success through working with other partners in the industry since its founding in 1970 in Dallas, Texas. Although they originated out of Texas, they have expanded to other states such as Mississippi, Colorado, Oklahoma, and others. They credit two key partnerships for their rise in the oil and gas industry with the two being the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. The first partnership allowed them to expand to Louisiana with the second further expanding their reign. In addition, the agreements allow Gulf Coast Western to increase the production of their oil with more production at their wells. Along with this, the company also gets to use seismic data to get insight into what they are doing as a brand. The article credits another specific partnership with Northcote Energy Ltd. to expand to Southeast Louisiana. Gulf Coast Western makes sure to make good decisions with low risk such as expanding in good climate areas, and the company values what they do as a company with moral ethics as they were rated an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Matthew Fleeger as stated prior, is responsible for the rise of Gulf Coast Western as he simply knows a lot about the oil and gas industry. He is credited as a productive entrepreneur who founded other companies such as MedSolutions, Palm Beach Tan, and Mystic Tan. Fleeger is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, specifically from the Cox School of Business. He later founded companies and built up Gulf Coast Western.


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Article Title: Vijay Eswaran, A Gifted Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Philanthropist.

Article Text:

Vijay Eswaran is a well established, author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, Vijay co-founded the QI Group of Companies in 1998 and continues to serve as the group’s founding Executive Chairman. Under his visionary leadership, the QI Group has grown to an international conglomerate with a significant presence around the world.

As an innovative businessman and leader, Vijay Eswaran has fashioned the QI Group as a diversified multinational. The company involved in is various business activities in the fields of telecommunications, retail, luxury and collectibles, conference management, logistics, lifestyle and leisure, direct sales, and property development.

Vijay is also a charismatic business leader. His ability to bring together people with great ideas led to the establishment of the QI Group. The company started as a small startup in Malaysia 18 years ago. Today, the QI Group has operational subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and other 30 countries across the globe.

Apart from his business activities, Vijay Eswaran is also a seasoned motivational speaker. He has given high profile lectures and keynote speeches on varied subjects across the world. He is severally invited to deliver spirituality and business lessons and talks in world-renowned universities and business leadership forums. Some of the high profile meetings he frequently addresses include the Commonwealth Business Forum and the World Economic Forum.

As a philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran is the mastermind behind the establishment of the RHYTHM Foundation. The foundation functions as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of his company. Through the foundation, Vijay has contributed to numerous charitable projects around the world.

Vijay has also established a local chapter of RYTHM Foundation in Malaysia. The organization, which goes by the name Vijayaratnam Foundation, is an honor to Vijay’s father. The foundation partners with local not-for-profit organizations in several projects involving the empowerment of women, special education, youth development, and child welfare.

Vijay Eswaran has been severally recognized for his philanthropic contributions. In 2011, Forbes named him in its annual list of Heros of Philanthropy in Asia. He also won the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute’s Regional Philanthropy Award at the 3rd World Chinese Economic Forum in Malaysia.

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Impressionable facts about Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University is one of the leading institutions that has put technology first in the various operations that take place at the university. The school has made life great for better people through the insights and wisdom that it brings to students. Most of the tutors in the institution are full of knowledge and their main goal has always been to help students emerge the best through getting good results. The school has been in the running for many decades and it has maintained its team by mentoring them and helping them build their professions.

Academy of Art University considers the state of its students and it is through this that bit has established its institution to accessible locations so that the staff and students do not have to struggle for education. The extra curriculum programs that the institution has set aside for its students enable them to bring their other talents to life. Among the major programs that vast students have expressed interest in an include bible study that students from various denominations attend. Besides, they also offer sports to enable those with talents and interests in the latter to bring their talents to reality.

Throughout the programs in art and fashion that the Academy of Art University offers, many students have successfully had a great moment to meet legendary artists from many parts of the country. The mentorship that the successful artists offer to students has given them hope and courage to continue seizing their moments by chasing their dreams. The practical programs they continue to bring to their students has given all enrolled students a chance to quickly acquire concept on the things they ought to do for their succeeds. The Academy of Art University seeks to mentor the young in the coming years by giving them a chance to showcase what they got in their institutions.

Roseann Bennett Discusses Canine-Assist Therapy And Its Benefits


Roseann Bennett is one of the most recognizable names in the mental and emotional healthcare sector. This celebrity-like status of Roseann is thanks to her prosperous career as a family and marriage therapist.

After ten years of doing in-home therapy sessions, she established the Center for Assessment and Treatment and one among her treatment techniques was Canine-Assisted Therapy.

She was one of the professionals in the sector to embrace this type of treatment. Roseann Bennett recently published an insightful blog post on Canine-Assisted Therapy and its benefits. This blog post was meant to educate the public and encourage them to embrace this type of treatment for mental and emotional disorders.

What is canine-assisted therapy?

Canine-Assisted Therapy is the used of trained dogs to help treat patients suffering from different kinds of mental and emotional difficulties. Bennett pointed out that there are many dog breeds suited for this task including the German Shepherd, Greyhound, French Bulldogs, Pomeranians, and several others. She went on to mention that the therapy dogs can be trained for the therapy room or as a companion to a patient. Therapy dogs found in therapy rooms are usually calm, and comforting to instill a sense of trust in a patient. Get More Information Here.

Benefits of canine-assisted therapy

The biggest benefit of Canine-Assisted Therapy according to Roseann Bennett is its high levels of success in treating different kinds of mental and emotional disorders. The effectiveness of this therapy can be increased by combining it with other forms of treatments.

Canine-Assisted Therapy is very effective in treating kids with anxiety. The therapy dogs help such kids relax and have confidence in themselves. Usually, these kids end up performing better in school and being happier about their life generally. The elderly who are struggling with loneliness also find therapy dogs very useful and do veterans dealing with PTSD.






The Aspire and the fantastic benefits linked to the partnership between Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development

The pride of Boraie Development LLC lies in the opening of The Aspire leasing office which comprises of a seventeen-story luxury setting distant from Train Station at New Brunswick. It is directly accessible to Philadelphia and Manhattan. The Aspire serves as a premier luxury address across New Brunswick. It comprises of carefully appointed studio, two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments that are done in an updated and general setting in which residents have access to the lifestyles and the services that they deserve. The residents get a chance of enjoying the distinguished amenities of the restaurants that are most vibrant alongside the retail centers within central New Jersey.

Notably, the residences provide a variety of the floor plans characterized by 9-10 foot ceilings as well as specific units having private balconies and terraces. The groups have a fantastic view linked to downtown. Every residence has oversized windows, luxurious carpeting for the one-bedrooms, and hardwood floors within the living rooms. It offers the residents a great experience through modern designs including posh lounge section complete with a catering area, dining tables accommodating up to 12, WiFi, extensive outdoor terrace, and multiple flat TV screens. For the workout lovers, a 24 hours state-of-the-art fitness point is available and has the latest cross-training and cardio equipment, and there is no additional cost for the materials as they are part of the rent per month.

As others express their contentment over their advancements in the sector of real estate, Boraie Development has a partnership with Shaquille O’Neal in line with a significant initiative in Newark. The plan entails establishing a story establishment with 350 units. This is among the projects that the partnership involves. They have the objective of bringing housing and commercial developments into the areas that are most distressed within the state. This partnership comes along with a great value to the individuals residing in Newark as well as its environs.

Shaquille stated that they have no intention of being seen throughout the area as they have the ambition of handling a single project at once. Among the major projects includes the rental complex whose worth is sixty million U.S. Dollars. His intentions of giving back to the community are the primary reason for his decision to get into the partnership alongside Boraie Development. Nothing is as good and powerful as unity, and this is what the two understands in getting into the organization. This sets an excellent example for whoever intends to do well in their endeavors and making the society a priority in addition to being a lesson for the coming generations.

The Use Of Dogs in A Medical Setting With Roseann Bennett


Children and adults differ in all kinds of ways from body development to mental abilities, however the love for animals is something universal across humans of all ages. Dogs have been a staple in the average household for decades. They are loyal companions who help their masters with daily tasks. In modern times, they have become the subject of new medical breakthroughs.

Roseann is a doctor with a practice in New Jersey who has begun assigning therapy dogs to certain patients. She recently discussed this modern medical practice with Blog Webpedia. Roseann Bennett has spent the majority of her career trying to better help patients in need.

Roseann Bennett Therapist made a huge leap forward in 2010 when the Center for Assessment and Treatment was founded. The facility gave her the ability to help more patients, with the most modern techniques available. This includes the use of therapy dog. The article shows off Jack, the resident dog of the medical facility who is beloved by the staff and patients alike.

The presence of a dog helps make the atmosphere more welcoming for those who walk through the doors. Researchers have spent years narrowing down which breeds are better suited to help humans. They have also compared and contrasted the effects of dogs across various environments. See This Article for additional information.

According to Roseann Bennett Therapist, adults and children alike can benefit greatly from the presence of a therapy dog. Child can overcome social fears and anxiety to make them learn academic skills much easier. While in adults, a therapy dog can help sort out the complicated internal feelings associated with loss and mental illness. Scientists have discovered a dog helps encourage the release of positive hormones.

There is still much research to be done, but Roseann Bennett is pleased by the results her patients have demonstrated in each assigned case.




Sharon Prince’s View On Hopeful Spaces


Sharon Prince and her team strive to create a hopeful place for people to work out complex problems. The open architecture of Grace Farms was developed to tear down walls and inspire people. SANAA kept this in mind when they designed the River building with more than 200 floors to ceiling windows. This allows 360-degree views of the seasonal landscape and allows natural light to fill the building.


Sharon Prince stated that the pathways under the roof follow the elevations of the landscape and you could even spot a red-tailed hawk above you, heading to other buildings. The pathways stretch far across the 80-acre property and up to the Cattail Pond. There are 10 restored native habitats and 80 plus birds that have been spotted.


The unique position of Grace Farms allows them to collaborate with art and work with federal law enforcement. Their unique approach to complex matters has accelerated progress. Their Justice and Nature initiatives have created protection to combat wildlife trafficking. Their model is even being used in Africa and Asia to disrupt African and Asian organized crime, due to the fact that the organized crime syndicates that profit from human trafficking also profits from animal trafficking. Last year, they participated in wildlife crime training with various law enforcement agencies.


The iterative work seems to go slow but Grace Farms, led by Sharon Prince does make progress. One interesting example of the global systematic change that has occurred from their efforts is human trafficking. Slavery is the second largest global crime industry with more than 40 million victims. Agencies have trained 1,700 foreign agents to help the fight around the world and of course, in New York and Connecticut. The downfall of, a human trafficking site, is proof that collaborative efforts across the sectors can really create change. Get More Information Here.




Gino Pozzo Proves You Have To Be Involved If You Want To See Success

Although soccer isn’t as big on this side of the pond, anyone who is a fan of soccer knows the Pozzo name. Gino Pozzo, the owner of the Watford Football Club, who completely transformed the path of the club into a growing and successful business. With the Pozzo family currently owning three Football clubs in England, Spain, and France, if you can trust anyone with a Football Club, it’s the Pozzo’s. With the ability to have three different clubs in three different countries and the family history of the love of soccer, the “scout driven approach” as the Gazette explained allows to not only benefit the English Football club but the sport of Soccer itself. While Soccer is just a game in the literal sense, the business itself is not like your hometown Soccer, there are business tactics and methods that the Pozzo family has developed over many years that have caused many Soccer owners to tilt their heads in confusion. Some look at the rotation of several head coaches as a negative and confusing aspect, that Gino doesn’t know how to manage but in reality that is just his secret to having three successful football clubs. Being able to have several different head coaches allows coaches to gain experience while also getting to know and study the players to ensure the most successful teams while creating a successful rivalry. Another aspect of Gino Pozzo’s success is his active involvement within his clubs. While most owners are known for sitting back and watching the money come in, Pozzo is involved in the day to day development which shows his “hands on” method has proven successful due to completely changing the course of a team in only three seasons according to Gazette. Gino Pozzo has taken the path less traveled and shown hands on and hard work is the real reason for the wins.

Article Title: Steve Ritchie Welcomes Shaquille O’Neal To The Papa John’s Family

Article Text:

Papa John’s President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie was happy that former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is now on his company’s board of directors. Shaq also signed a deal worth $8.25 million and will now be the Papa John’s brand ambassador.

Steve Ritchie said that Shaquille O’Neal was asked to join Papa John’s because he has great business acumen and knows how to excite both consumers and employees. Shaq is the first African-American to join Papa John’s board. Shaquille said that he wants to help the company achieve great things.

Steve Ritchie said that Papa John’s will soon sign a three-year marketing agreement with Shaquille. Papa John’s is the third biggest pizza chain in the world and now has over 5000 locations and about 120,000 employees. 1,200 of these employees work at the Louisville headquarters.

The $8.25 million endorsement deal will be paid half in cash and half in Papa John’s stock. O’Neal will start appearing in Papa John’s advertising later this year, Steve Ritchie said.

Steve Ritchie says that he first met Shaq during Super Bowl weekend when he was at a party Shaquille held in Atlanta, Georgia. He wanted a new board member that would add diversity, has experience in the restaurant industry, and was passionate about entrepreneurship.

The focus for the new Papa John’s board member, Steve Ritchie said, was having someone that would offer diversity and inclusion. He said that in the last year the board went from just one woman to five and two of the new members are African-American.

In a statement, Shaquille O’Neal stated that he loves Papa John’s pizza and wants to help it build a better culture. Papa John’s Steve Ritchie said that having Shaq on board was great for his company and shows that they’ve got great people at this company.

Steve Ritchie has been a part of Papa Johns’ since 1996. He worked his way up from being a customer service rep to president and CEO through hard work and learning everything possible about the restaurant industry and Papa John’s in particular.

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