Arthur Becker Opens up about his Life

Arthur Becker has heavily ventured into the real estate industry. His offices, however, are not ordinary real estate offices. All they depict is the love Arthur Becker has for art. The display has artistry work which includes paintings, sculptures and fledged workshop. The office is located a few miles from his intended ground-up solo development in New York. At the moment, Arthur Becker is involved with projects in New York and Miami, Florida. However, to become the entrepreneur he is today, he has been through a lot. For instance, before he ventured into real estate, Arthur Becker decided to invest in a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. With this investment, he only committed $4 million. He managed to grow this investment to $10 million. He says that this investment taught him the importance of patience in business.

According to Huffingtonpost, if there is something that Arthur loves is collecting old currencies. In a recent interview, Becker said that he owns currencies from Nigeria and Cameroon. Despite being 66 years old, Arthur Becker is not currently married. Before the year 2014, he had been married to Vera Wang for 20 years. However, they had to part ways because of personal reasons. Arthur Becker credits his former wife with teaching him a lot about fashion. He used to sit on the board of Vera Wang Fashions that was owned by his wife. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

At the moment, Arthur Becker is involved with a company called Madison Partners where he serves as a managing partner. At the age of 66 years, Arthur Becker says that he is still interested in the developments that are being recorded in the biotechnology industry. Since he was a young man, Arthur Becker admits that he has always struggled with balancing passion and his creative thinking. He admits that if he was given a chance to start all over in life, he would do nothing differently. Arthur Becker believes that he has made the right decisions about his life. He also admits that he loves travelling. He recently embarked on a world tour with his son where they toured several continents such as Africa, Europe and Asia. Becker is also active on social media.

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