How the Frontera Fund Started and Why It Is Important

What is the Frontera Fund? Why was it started? To start at the beginning, we have to look at an incident that occurred in 2007. Two officers from the unit of Sheriff Joe Arpaio came and arrested Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. These were two executives from Village Voice Media. Village Voice Media published the the Phoenix News Times. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was angry that the Phoenix News Times was publishing articles that were critical of him. They didn’t report like the others. The other newspapers were reporting on political issues. Other newspapers were reporting on issues such as illegal immigration. However, the Phoenix News Times was reporting on possible financial crimes in the offices of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They reported on abuses of power against people who criticized the sheriff. They reported on mismanagement in the Sheriff’s offices.


Sheriff Arpaio had his Country Attorney issue subpoenas for information about the writers and editors of the newspaper. The subpoenas included information about readers of the site, including their browsing history and IP addresses. This was totally illegal and against the first Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees free speech. Therefore, the people who ran the newspaper decided that they could not comply with the illegal request. Instead, the above mentioned, Lacey and Larkin, published an article protesting the orders. That is why they were arrested.


The sheriff claimed that it was illegal to reveal information about the subpoenas. However, it really was illegal to issue the subpoenas in the first place. What happened next could be expected. There was an outcry from all over the country about the arrests. That is why it is not a surprise that they were released a mere twenty four hours later. In addition, all charges against them were dropped. Eventually, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals made it clear that there was no basis for the arrests, and that they had to pay compensation to the arrested to a tune of millions of dollars. So what did the two reporters do with the money? They decided to donate it to charity. They went ahead and gave it to the Frontera Fund. This is a charitable organization that focuses on helping out the Hispanic community in Arizona. Larkin said that he grew up in Arizona and was taught to give to those who are less fortunate. He said he could not think of a better place to give than to the immigrants.


Our First Amendment Right Must be Protected

What is America going to do when they lose their right to speak freely? One of the amazing things about this country is that we can protest the government, publish what we find, and stand and speak against the various evil atrocities that we find the government doing. However, there is a sickening trend to take away the average American’s right to speak freely. The moment this happens is the moment that true democracy will die. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are well aware of this occurring and they fight every day to make sure that we have the right to say what is on our minds.


The First Amendment right of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin was treaded upon by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s name appeared weekly in the newspapers owned by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. This is because this man is a sickening human being who has done terrible things to others. He is responsible for killing men inside his jail cells, refusing the women medical care to take care of their babies, for racially profiling in the Maricopa County, and systematically persecuting Hispanics all around.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin published these findings and Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested them for speaking their minds. He also wanted to arrest every single one of their 9 million readers for believing what they saw in the papers.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were awarded a settlement from the Maricopa County totaling $3.75 million. This money was used by the two men to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and the Front Page Confidential. These two organizations work hand-in-hand to protect our first amendment rights so that the government does not strip us of them which they are trying to do on a daily basis.


Eric Lefkofsky: A success many times over:

Eric Lefkofsky is currently the CEO of Tempus. In addition, Eric Lefkofsky

is also the Co-Founder of Groupon. Mr. Lefkofsky has had a successful business career. He is also the Co-Founder of Innerworkings, Media-Ocean as well as Echo Global.

Lightbank is an venture capital firm in which Eric Lefkofsky also founded. Lefkofsky attributes his business success to his ambition, drive to succeed as well as his academic credentials. Eric Lefkofsky always stressed the importance of higher education and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsky does have some impressive educational credentials. He graduated from University of Michigan with honors. In addition, Lefkofsky decided to further his education by attending University of Michigan Law School. He received his Juris Doctor from University of Michigan in the early 1990’s and learn more about Eric.

After Graduating law school, Eric Lefkofsky borrowed money from a friend to start his own apparel company. Brandon Apparel was soon created however after about a year Lefkofsky decided to pursue other interests.

In the late 1990’s Eric Lefkofsky started a company called “Starbelly”. The company specialized in Internet promotional products. Starbelly was moderately successful however Lefkofsky decided to follow other ambitions.

In early 2000, Eric Lefkofsky started yet another company called “Innerworkings“. The company provided unique print services to customers. Innerworkings turned out to be a huge success, the company achieved Public Offering status. lefkofsky remained on the Board of Directors at Innerworkings until the end of 2012.

In 2005, Eric Lefkofsky started another company called Echo Global Logistics. Echo Global was another great success and the company went public within three years. The company traded under the symbol “ECHO”. Mr. Lefkofsky was even approached by wealthy investors offering additional monies to ensure the future of the company and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

About a year after Echo Global Logistics was founded, Lefkofsky and an associated started the company Mediabank. Mediabank provided a variety of clients with sophisticated analysis software. One year after Mediabank was founded a merger took place with Donovan Data Systems. Once the merger was complete the company changed its name to “Mediaocean”.

In 2007, Lefkofsky provided almost one million dollars in funding to a company called The The Point soon changed their name to It appeared attracted even more interested investors. By 2010 Forbes reported that Groupon was one of the fastest growing company in history. Forbes has since published numerous articles about the business success that Groupon achieved.

About five years ago Lefkofsky made the public announcement that Lightbank would branch out into the Chicago area. Around this time Eric Lefkofsky became the CEO of Groupon.

By 2016, Lefkofsky felt the need to try his hand at something new. Eric Lefkofsky soon started the company Tempus. Tempus is a technology based company that works directly with physicians who offer care to Cancer patients. Tempus became quite successful within a relatively short period of time. Tempus is possibly one of Eric Lefkofsky’s most successful business ventures to date.

The Successful Career Of Karl Heideck As A Lawyer

In this article, Karl Heideck advises potential employers in Pennsylvania. There are several laws that guide the small businesses in the area. Karl Heideck specifically selects certain laws to explain. First, he comments that if an employer is planning to employ someone below the age of 18, the company has to adhere to the child labor laws. There is an expected minimum wage in the region. Currently, the minimum wage stands at $10 per hour. Each state has a way of doing business and in this state; certain laws vary depending on the demands of the state and the company.

In Pennsylvania, the laws on taxation differ according to the requirements of the IRS. According to, the taxation laws that govern the permanent employees are not the same as those that guide the part timers. New businesses should know the difference and when to include tax information in the pay slip of an employee. The state has laws that deal with human relations. The laws are very specific to the occasions. For instance, the state prohibits companies from hiring employees based on their race, class, religion or age.

The role of Karl Heideck as a lawyer
Basing his activities in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck strives to help companies to adhere to the laws of the state. His major focus is the relationship between companies and their employees. With this focus, Karl Heideck tends to shape companies to do the right thing without having to discriminate or oppress an employee. On the other hand, the lawyer helps new businesses, especially the ones that are not from the state to grow by the law.

Karl Heideck’s experience at Pepper Hamilton LLP
Before settling to shape the new businesses in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck gained sufficient experience from his past practices. He first worked at Pepper Hamilton LLP as an attorney who took up different projects on which to focus. Later, Karl Heideck worked under Conrad O’Brien associates where gained his valuable experience. He applied his knowledge in taking up new challenges and helping growing companies in their lines of business.

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Fabletics Moves to More Physical Stores

Fabletics has become one of the most successful companies and the last 10 years to bring forth an interesting line of clothing for women that people are talking about heavily on social media. It has become the type of company that has grown in a major way because it speaks to a whole new generation of young consumers that are doing more shopping online.


Kate Hudson realizes that this has been a great platform for starting her company, but she believes that there is a lot of room to grow with the possibility of more offline stores. She already has some of these stores in place right now, but her ultimate goal is to have a seamless mesh between both online and offline audiences. In order to do this she realizes that there is a need for more people to check out the clothes that are sold online. She is able to engage in reverse showroom in which she displays many of these clothes through the website, but people will have a chance to try the clothes out by going into the store. She realizes that this can be a great way to increase the amount of traffic on the website and also fulfill her desire to attract customers to the stores as well.


Fabletics is one of those companies that has been promoted heavily through social media circles. There has been lots of marketing that has been done to create the type of company that people can shop utilizing their phones or their tablets. People that are looking for new selections will find that Fabletics offers something new every week. This is something that much of the competition has not been able to do. That may be one of the best reasons for more people to stay plugged into the website. By the same token, Fabletics has become this website where more people are interested in going to stores because they want to try on clothes and look in the mirror to see how some of these workout garments fit.


Anyone has ever been interested in working out on a regular basis is going to want clothes that are comfortable. This is why women will come to the stores. They want to make absolutely sure that the clothes that they are buying are going to fit properly. Kate Hudson is doing her best to give customers multiple shopping outlets.

Financing Through Stock by Equity First Holding

Equity First Holding LLC is a global stock-based lender. It uses a unique strategy far away from the conventional bank procedures in advancing loans with assets and savings as collateral. Equity First Holdings provides a wanted alternative by accepting stocks from borrowers as a security. Al Christy, Jr, the CEO OF Equity First Holdings (EFH) saw the need of providing an avenue to raise capital first for non-purpose loans.

Stock-based loans have become more popular due to the high loan-to-value ratio compared to credit-based loans. EFH customers have more certainty about the interest rates since they are fixed for the entire period of the transaction. This lacks in commercial banks whose interest rate fluctuates with the market trends. Amidst the narrowed down lending options and stricter loan qualification of banks, EFH is rapidly gaining dominance. With EFH lending, borrowers are subjected to the non-recourse feature and can get away from the loan at any point even when the value depreciates without obligation and what Equities First knows.

Equity First Holding specializes in the provision of working capital to businesses and net worth individuals. It’s done through a transparent and safe method which is less costly and has better financing terms. Those who benefit more are business people because they can secure loans using their stocks. Besides the process of advancing loans in EFH is less cumbersome and guarantee the supply of liquidity to businesses and individuals and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

About Equity First Holding

It was established in 2002 by Al Christy, Jr and is based in Indianapolis, United States. It has grown and opened subsidiary offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, London, Jakarta, Singapore, and Bangkok. EFH’s labor force has increased by 50% since 2013 to be approximately 50 employees and more information click here.

There was a paradigm shift in 2013 when EFH partnered with Meridian Equity Partners. The same year recorded a 45% increase in loans with the company being able to expand internationally. Since its launch in 2002, the firm has had a growth rate of 30% annually.

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