Eric Lefkofsky: A success many times over:

Eric Lefkofsky is currently the CEO of Tempus. In addition, Eric Lefkofsky

is also the Co-Founder of Groupon. Mr. Lefkofsky has had a successful business career. He is also the Co-Founder of Innerworkings, Media-Ocean as well as Echo Global.

Lightbank is an venture capital firm in which Eric Lefkofsky also founded. Lefkofsky attributes his business success to his ambition, drive to succeed as well as his academic credentials. Eric Lefkofsky always stressed the importance of higher education and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsky does have some impressive educational credentials. He graduated from University of Michigan with honors. In addition, Lefkofsky decided to further his education by attending University of Michigan Law School. He received his Juris Doctor from University of Michigan in the early 1990’s and learn more about Eric.

After Graduating law school, Eric Lefkofsky borrowed money from a friend to start his own apparel company. Brandon Apparel was soon created however after about a year Lefkofsky decided to pursue other interests.

In the late 1990’s Eric Lefkofsky started a company called “Starbelly”. The company specialized in Internet promotional products. Starbelly was moderately successful however Lefkofsky decided to follow other ambitions.

In early 2000, Eric Lefkofsky started yet another company called “Innerworkings“. The company provided unique print services to customers. Innerworkings turned out to be a huge success, the company achieved Public Offering status. lefkofsky remained on the Board of Directors at Innerworkings until the end of 2012.

In 2005, Eric Lefkofsky started another company called Echo Global Logistics. Echo Global was another great success and the company went public within three years. The company traded under the symbol “ECHO”. Mr. Lefkofsky was even approached by wealthy investors offering additional monies to ensure the future of the company and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

About a year after Echo Global Logistics was founded, Lefkofsky and an associated started the company Mediabank. Mediabank provided a variety of clients with sophisticated analysis software. One year after Mediabank was founded a merger took place with Donovan Data Systems. Once the merger was complete the company changed its name to “Mediaocean”.

In 2007, Lefkofsky provided almost one million dollars in funding to a company called The The Point soon changed their name to It appeared attracted even more interested investors. By 2010 Forbes reported that Groupon was one of the fastest growing company in history. Forbes has since published numerous articles about the business success that Groupon achieved.

About five years ago Lefkofsky made the public announcement that Lightbank would branch out into the Chicago area. Around this time Eric Lefkofsky became the CEO of Groupon.

By 2016, Lefkofsky felt the need to try his hand at something new. Eric Lefkofsky soon started the company Tempus. Tempus is a technology based company that works directly with physicians who offer care to Cancer patients. Tempus became quite successful within a relatively short period of time. Tempus is possibly one of Eric Lefkofsky’s most successful business ventures to date.

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