National Steel Car and Greg Aziz: Giving Back to the Local Community


Greg Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and President of National Steel Car. James Aziz has been a prime fixture in the growth of National Steel Car during his time in leadership roles. To start, he is a huge believer in investing in human capital, as well as making the company an excellent place to work. During his time with National Steel Car, Greg has grown the employee base from around 800 people to over three thousand employees. This rapid growth brought a great deal of positive change to the Hamilton community. The influx of jobs was huge for the entire town and its local economy. It enabled many local businesses to open and thrive, which led to the addition of more jobs in the area. It is astounding to see one company bring about such a great deal of change.

National Steel Car is also a prime fixture in the Hamilton, Ontario community. James Aziz is an active philanthropist and he encourages the rest of his leadership team – and all employees in general – to give back to the community.

The company has many ways in which it supports the community through philanthropy and sponsorships. To start, National Steel Car holds a massive and elaborate holiday party to give back to employees. At the event, all employees – both past and present – are invited to attend. The employees families are also invited. Thousands of people show up to eat, drink and be merry and celebrate the holidays among friends. In fact, the event has become so large that it has transformed into a massive town gathering due to the fact that so many people have worked at National Steel Car throughout the years. Go Here for more information.


Additionally, the company supports many local institutions and charities. The leadership believes in giving back to the community in a variety of ways. First, National Steel Car hosts a massive food drive every year around the Thanksgiving holiday. The food drive is absolutely massive and all employees and the leadership team pitch to donate canned good and boxed goods to the food drive. The food drive is then given to local food banks. For many food banks, it is one of the biggest donations that they will receive all year long. National Steel Car also supports many local institutions. This includes the local branch of United Way, the local chapter of the Salvation Army and the local Hamilton Theatre.


The Award Winning Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital appeared to be the winners in the 16th Advisor Awards. This was primarily because of how they conduct themselves. They were able to beat off competition and stood up among the six hundred and fifty companies which had equal opportunities of getting the award. It was no ordinary luck for them as they had factored in too much hard work and determination for them to be awarded.


The occasion was held in New York at the Metropolitan club. This was done late 2017 on November 13th. On that night the company was able to be honored to be the best in the financial debt deal of the year. They were the best out of an outstanding group of industries. This was due to the contract they brokered off on the WLR Automotive. They also happened to have given the company the best advice on its financial dealings.


The WLR was congratulated by the CEO Charles Botchway for the transaction that took place. The congratulatory remarks were also given to Barry Petersen who was the lead of operation in the company. Surprisingly enough he is also a leader as he holds the office of the Senior Managing Director. The team is well organized and dedicated to what they do to provide the best of services.


The company was also recognized in two awards which they were both finalists. The competitive nature of these awards gives them a lot of credit to their achievements. They were identified in the financial deals of the year and boutique investment banking firm. All this just shows how good they are in the competitive industry.


The Gala was a much important event for the participants to the organizers. The event was not only majored in giving out awards to the best deal makers but to bring them together. The event was in partnership with the top companies. They were then able to come out with the one who is the best in each category.


The company, Madison Street Capital, deals with the investment banking industry dedicated to giving expert advice to clients. They mainly deal with corporate advisory, business valuation and financial option for corporations. They get to find what the best option for a particular company is.


Formed twenty years ago it has been able to give the best results to their clients. They use the essential aspect which is time when it comes to with dealing with clients. The experience gained has been a significant boost to their work. The company is located globally with offices in North America, Asia, and Africa.


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