Robert Ivy: Understanding What The American Institute Of Architects Is

There’s a lot of miscommunication between regular people and architects. Sometimes, architects use words people don’t understand or suggests things people don’t want too often. It’s up to people like Robert Ivy to bridge the gap and establish a proper line of communication.

So far, Robert Ivy’s done a great job at popularizing architectural journals and publications. He’s won numerous awards and honors for his effective communication skills. Since the late 90s, he’s won a Crain Award, a McGraw-Hill Award, and been named a “Master Architect” because of his impressive ability to communicate and lead.

Robert Ivy also runs the American Institute of Architects. The American Institute of Architects is an organization that encourages public awareness through public educational programs, offers government advocacy, provides community redevelopment, and improves the public image of the profession as a whole. The American Institute of Architects also works with other teams to better coordinate buildings.

The American Institute of Architects was originally called the New York Society of Architects. Since 1857, it’s changed its name and moved to Washington, D.C. It continues to promote scientific and practical perfection of its professionals. That’s part of elevating the industry as a whole.

The main purpose of the American Institute of Architects today is advocating on behalf of its members. The organization is constantly monitoring government practices that pertain to the industry. They believe in working with federal, state, and local policymakers when it comes to new legislation or regulation.

In 2013, the American Institute of Architects announced the “Designing Recovery” competition. The competition was created to inspire more architects to embrace community rebuilding projects. It also helps communities to see the effects of better-designed homes and buildings. The competition awards a $30,000 prize, which is split between the top three winners.

When the American Institute of Architects isn’t focused on communities, it’s focused on shaping the next generation. The most important part of an architect’s career is the Architect Registration Exam. The American Institute of Architects created an intern program that helps young professionals prepare for the exam.

Over the years, the American Institute of Architects also created a number of outreach programs that target mayor and community leaders. Two of those programs won an excellence award in 2007. The Associations Advance American Awards saw the American Institute of Architects win an Award of Excellence.

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