Charlamagne Tha God Declines Feud With Eminem


Lenard Larry McKelvey is best known to the public by the name Charlamagne tha God, the co-host of the popular radio show The Breakfast Club and a New York Times bestselling author. He is nicknamed “the Howard Stern of hip-hop”, a label he doesn’t seem to shy away from. he is a writer and has a book titled “Black Privilege” which ranked sixth in the New York Times of bestselling hardback nonfiction on May 7 2017. Another book he has written is titled “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me”.


Charlamagne Tha God is an outspoken, unapologetic speaker and critic of pop culture in general and rap music specifically. He has never held back from saying what he does and doesn’t like about performers, albums, songs and other aspects of rap music. He has garnered criticism from some of those he has criticized, sometimes in song. Recently, famed rapper Eminem took a couple of shots at Charlamagne in his most recent album, “Kamikaze.”


Eminem was likely upset at comments Charlamagne made in regard to Eminem using a homophobic slur against a friend of his at an award show on BET in January. It took nearly nine months for Eminem to respond to Charlamagne’s response to this incident.


To his credit, Charlamagne Tha God didn’t react to Eminem in anger or with more insults. He simply noted that being dissed by such a talented and prolific lyricist as Eminem was, in its own way, a compliment. Noting that he “used to get dissed by Chingy”, Charlamagne said he enjoyed the album and the songs and was grateful to be ingrained enough in hip-hop culture to attract that kind of attention. He notes that he just reached a much broader audience, Eminem fans, than he had access to before the dis. Get Additional Information Here.


Charlamagne has always been a big fan of Eminem, and still appears to be a fan. He didn’t care for Eminem’s last album, but he said the new one is a step in the right direction for one of his favorite lyricists.


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