JD.com Is A Cutting-Edge Company From China That Has Won Awards

A respected company like JD.com believes in sustainability and using the most state-of-the-art technology to lessen the human footprint on the earth. JD.com is known as one of the top e-commerce firms in mainland China. JD.com works very hard to be a company that upholds things like sustainability.


Recently, JD.com won an award in 2018 relating to “SEAL Business Sustainability” for being a great example of a firm that believes in sustainability. JD.com was among some powerful companies who also won the same award like Nike, Apple, Impossible Foods, Seventh Generation Patagonia and Samsung. The head of corporate social responsibility, Libo Ma and his fellow employees at JD.com were happy to receive the award. Leaders like Libo Ma are a crucial reason why JD.com was recognized for sustainability.


Jingdong Mall has a CSR team that helps to create a work environment that is focused on making key programs that push sustainable development. JD.com is sure to make every step of the sustainability process count. From producing their items to packaging their products, then selling and delivering their items, JD.com makes it count. Making sure that each step counts according to JD.com’s plan truly matters. JD.com mission to have a good impact on both the environment and China’s society was a very positive, sustainable and enduring one. And the SEAL Award proved it. Find Related Information Here.


Matt Harney had some positive things to say about JD.com’s impressive work concerning their ability to recycle items as well as other sustainability initiatives. JD.com also got a very high score as it concerns a direct impact on the environment. Matt Harney is one of the critical judges on that panel was responsible for giving JD.com their SEAL Award. Besides their focus on the environment and sustainability, Jingdong has taken a new approach to areas of medicine as well with blockchain technology.


Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins like Litecoin (LTC and Ethereum (ETH) are related to the blockchain, but JD.com has made the most of it recently with their use of blockchain technology to create the JD Medicine Open Tracing Solution. Blockchain technology provides transparency regarding medical-focused supply chains and pharmaceuticals in native China. JD.com is based in China. And the JD Blockchain Open Platform will address the supply chain issues in China that exist. The authenticity of medicines is one of the issues that JD.com is looking to solve.


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