Sharon Prince Works To End Contemporary Slavery


Entrepreneur Sharon Prince been making an impact on the world of business for more than a decade. Prince is the chair and President of Grace Farms Foundation. This innovative company is focused on changing lives through nature, community and faith. Sharon Prince is responsible for this company’s unique vision and the company’s growth in recent years.

Sharon Prince and her company Grace Farms have a number of issues they are focused on. One of the biggest issues is tackling contemporary slavery. Recently Sharon Prince Grace Farms announced that it had come to an agreement with he country of Georgia. These two sides have worked to create a set of standards that promote transparency in helping to bring an end to contemporary slavery.

In an article with entitled “Grace Farms Foundation Signs Deal To Fight Contemporary Slavery”, talks about this Memorandum of Understanding with the country of Georgia and Unchain which discusses creation of set of standards and practices that promote supply chain transparency to help bring an end to the world’s largest, yet under recognized problem: contemporary slavery.

This unique partnership will work to educate people, leaders and investors in other countries about the many benefits of being transparent in corporate supply chains. This has long been a focus for Sharon Prince during her career. Go Here for additional information.

Sharon Prince recently spoke about the importance of ending contemporary slavery. When speaking about this partnership Prince stated that it is critical to develop strategies that disrupt human trafficking and gender-based violence. This is crucial to fulfilling the mission of her company. Prince considers it a privilege enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with one of the world’s leading nations.

Sharon Prince has built an impressive resume during her career. Sharon Prince has served as the commissioner of the Pritzker Prize-winning firm SANAA. As part of her commitment to reuniting children with their families, Prince has served on he Board of Next Generation Nepal. She has also served as the President of the outerwear brand 66North. Sharon Prince holds both a BA and MBA from the University of Tulsa. She continues to work to be an innovator in all the work that she does.


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