Gino Pozzo Proves You Have To Be Involved If You Want To See Success

Although soccer isn’t as big on this side of the pond, anyone who is a fan of soccer knows the Pozzo name. Gino Pozzo, the owner of the Watford Football Club, who completely transformed the path of the club into a growing and successful business. With the Pozzo family currently owning three Football clubs in England, Spain, and France, if you can trust anyone with a Football Club, it’s the Pozzo’s. With the ability to have three different clubs in three different countries and the family history of the love of soccer, the “scout driven approach” as the Gazette explained allows to not only benefit the English Football club but the sport of Soccer itself. While Soccer is just a game in the literal sense, the business itself is not like your hometown Soccer, there are business tactics and methods that the Pozzo family has developed over many years that have caused many Soccer owners to tilt their heads in confusion. Some look at the rotation of several head coaches as a negative and confusing aspect, that Gino doesn’t know how to manage but in reality that is just his secret to having three successful football clubs. Being able to have several different head coaches allows coaches to gain experience while also getting to know and study the players to ensure the most successful teams while creating a successful rivalry. Another aspect of Gino Pozzo’s success is his active involvement within his clubs. While most owners are known for sitting back and watching the money come in, Pozzo is involved in the day to day development which shows his “hands on” method has proven successful due to completely changing the course of a team in only three seasons according to Gazette. Gino Pozzo has taken the path less traveled and shown hands on and hard work is the real reason for the wins.

Article Title: Steve Ritchie Welcomes Shaquille O’Neal To The Papa John’s Family

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Papa John’s President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie was happy that former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is now on his company’s board of directors. Shaq also signed a deal worth $8.25 million and will now be the Papa John’s brand ambassador.

Steve Ritchie said that Shaquille O’Neal was asked to join Papa John’s because he has great business acumen and knows how to excite both consumers and employees. Shaq is the first African-American to join Papa John’s board. Shaquille said that he wants to help the company achieve great things.

Steve Ritchie said that Papa John’s will soon sign a three-year marketing agreement with Shaquille. Papa John’s is the third biggest pizza chain in the world and now has over 5000 locations and about 120,000 employees. 1,200 of these employees work at the Louisville headquarters.

The $8.25 million endorsement deal will be paid half in cash and half in Papa John’s stock. O’Neal will start appearing in Papa John’s advertising later this year, Steve Ritchie said.

Steve Ritchie says that he first met Shaq during Super Bowl weekend when he was at a party Shaquille held in Atlanta, Georgia. He wanted a new board member that would add diversity, has experience in the restaurant industry, and was passionate about entrepreneurship.

The focus for the new Papa John’s board member, Steve Ritchie said, was having someone that would offer diversity and inclusion. He said that in the last year the board went from just one woman to five and two of the new members are African-American.

In a statement, Shaquille O’Neal stated that he loves Papa John’s pizza and wants to help it build a better culture. Papa John’s Steve Ritchie said that having Shaq on board was great for his company and shows that they’ve got great people at this company.

Steve Ritchie has been a part of Papa Johns’ since 1996. He worked his way up from being a customer service rep to president and CEO through hard work and learning everything possible about the restaurant industry and Papa John’s in particular.

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Rick Cofer Sponsors The Kind Clinic And Makes Changes To Austin’s Clean-Up Budget

It’s in the bag!

In recent years, the controversial plastic shopping bag has been a hot topic among shoppers and environmentalists. Several states have jumped on the bandwagon, banning the single use free bags provided by grocers and retailers. Within these states, each city has its own ordinance governing the plastic bag movement.

The cat’s out of the bag…

According to medicaldailytimes, Austin, Texas is a large metropolitan area that also has determined that plastic bags are harmful for the environment, landfills, and oceans. However, the Supreme Court overturned the ban, citing it as a conflict of state legislation. Rick Cofer is confident in the area’s retailers, encouraged that they will keep the single use bags out of their stores. He decided to be the change he wanted.

Taking out the trash.

Rick Cofer Law enjoys the city of Austin’s public parks and preserves, and reducing waste that finds its way into these parks is something he is passionate about. In fact, he has played a major role in budgeting for the current year’s waste diversion in these parks. Fueled by frustration and a plan, Rick Cofer collaborated with stakeholders to implement change and successfully budgeted the funds for this task force within the city of Austin.

Oops, we did it again.

As a successful criminal defense attorney, Rick Cofer has the education and experience in law; This makes him particularly competent in making change and moving forward as a nation. Perhaps some of the things we thought were great ideas at the time, such as the swedish invention of the plastic bag in the 1960’s, turned out to be quite malignant to our environment. These type of things could not have been foreseen at the time, and like all things we learn from our mistakes. Just as psychiatrists were convinced that electroshock therapy was beneficial for the treatment of everything under the sun, we have since learned that it is torture; and not to mention, absurd.

Rick Cofer understands to his core the need to be the change that you want. He is not someone who accepts unfinished business, so he keeps his challenges few and meaningful so that he can accomplish the tasks he takes on.

Rick Cofer takes it to the bar. The State Bar, that is.

A proud graduate of the University of Texas School of Law in 2008, and standing member of the Austin State Bar Association, and was admitted into the Texas State Bar; Mr. Cofer has served as an assistant County Prosecutor, and defense attorney. He has worked thousands of cases in his career, and taken many before a jury.

Mr. Cofer sponsors being Kind.

His philanthropy doesn’t end with the plastic bag ban, Rick Cofer is also a sponsor for The Kind Clinic; A low-or-no-cost healthcare provider that focuses on sexually transmitted disease, LGBTQ community health concerns such as hormone therapy, and safe sex options for patients. Mr. Cofer sponsored a halloween ball in the fall of 2018 to benefit the LGBTQ community. To know more about Rick Cofer visit

Tim Ioannides Thinks Outside The Box


A couple of years ago, a woman in her 90s came to see Dr. Ann Nichols at her office. Dr. Nichols is a skin cancer expert, and the woman had large lesions of extensive disbursement on both legs. This patient was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma which is a form of skin cancer.


In many cases, squamous cell carcinoma can be treated by surgically removing the lesions or by using radiation therapy. These were not options for this patient as her tumors were too large and spread over too great an area.


In order to find help for her patient, Dr. Nichols consulted with Dr. Tim Ioannides. Tim also plays an important role in educating future dermatologists in dermatologic surgery and reconstructive surgery as a Voluntary Associate Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine.


He is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Mohs Surgery. Dr. Tim Ioannides was aware that recent research has shown that the human papilloma virus (HPV) may be responsible for cases of squamous cell carcinoma.


Dr. Tim Ioannides suggested that the patient’s tumors and lesions be directly injected with the Gardasil vaccine for HPV. This is an off-label usage as the drug is only approved for use as a vaccine.


At first, the patient was given two doses of the vaccine in her arm at six week intervals. Later, the tumors were injected directly four times over a period of 11 months. After 11 months, the patient’s squamous cell carcinoma was completely cleared. She is now in the 24th month of remission. Refer to This Article to learn more.


By thinking outside the box, and being aware of the latest research, Dr. Tim Ioannides was able to help his colleague find a solution to the cancer that was destroying the life of a woman in her 90s.





Tim Ioannides Explains How Vitamin D Can Be Used To Cure Skin Conditions

Skin conditions are not so easy to deal with. In most cases, skin infections are an assurance that all is not well internally. It means that the overall health of a person is at stake. Some skin issues such as eczema can lower a person’s self-esteem and also ruin relationships.


Some people who are suffering from various skin conditions even go ahead and isolate themselves from others. Dr. Tim Ioannides gives an assurance that there exist various treatments for different skin conditions. Tim Ioannides terms some conditions such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, Rosacea, and contact dermatitis as very common.


According to Dr. Tim Ioannides, vitamin D supplements can be used to help skin conditions. This vitamin is so much important to the human body. It strengthens both teeth and bones. It also ensures the overall stability of the immune and the nervous systems. The human body produces vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. Some people experience lower levels of vitamin D due to insufficient amounts of the vitamin in the diet, being overweight, lack of exposure to direct sunlight, aging and suffering from various conditions that affect digestion such as celiac disease. Go Here to learn more.


The deficiency of vitamin D can be accompanied by signs such as frequent sickness, fatigue, back pain, depression, loss of hair and slow healing of wounds. Dr . Tim Ioannides recommends that vitamin D is very helpful when it comes to the treatment of skin conditions. He advises people to make sure that they expose themselves to the sun for some few minutes each day. Ioannides prescribes vitamin D supplements to those patients with vitamin D deficiency. He describes the treatment as cheap and easily available.


Dr . Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist by profession and the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology with many years of experience.


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