The Use Of Dogs in A Medical Setting With Roseann Bennett


Children and adults differ in all kinds of ways from body development to mental abilities, however the love for animals is something universal across humans of all ages. Dogs have been a staple in the average household for decades. They are loyal companions who help their masters with daily tasks. In modern times, they have become the subject of new medical breakthroughs.

Roseann is a doctor with a practice in New Jersey who has begun assigning therapy dogs to certain patients. She recently discussed this modern medical practice with Blog Webpedia. Roseann Bennett has spent the majority of her career trying to better help patients in need.

Roseann Bennett Therapist made a huge leap forward in 2010 when the Center for Assessment and Treatment was founded. The facility gave her the ability to help more patients, with the most modern techniques available. This includes the use of therapy dog. The article shows off Jack, the resident dog of the medical facility who is beloved by the staff and patients alike.

The presence of a dog helps make the atmosphere more welcoming for those who walk through the doors. Researchers have spent years narrowing down which breeds are better suited to help humans. They have also compared and contrasted the effects of dogs across various environments. See This Article for additional information.

According to Roseann Bennett Therapist, adults and children alike can benefit greatly from the presence of a therapy dog. Child can overcome social fears and anxiety to make them learn academic skills much easier. While in adults, a therapy dog can help sort out the complicated internal feelings associated with loss and mental illness. Scientists have discovered a dog helps encourage the release of positive hormones.

There is still much research to be done, but Roseann Bennett is pleased by the results her patients have demonstrated in each assigned case.




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