Roseann Bennett Discusses Canine-Assist Therapy And Its Benefits


Roseann Bennett is one of the most recognizable names in the mental and emotional healthcare sector. This celebrity-like status of Roseann is thanks to her prosperous career as a family and marriage therapist.

After ten years of doing in-home therapy sessions, she established the Center for Assessment and Treatment and one among her treatment techniques was Canine-Assisted Therapy.

She was one of the professionals in the sector to embrace this type of treatment. Roseann Bennett recently published an insightful blog post on Canine-Assisted Therapy and its benefits. This blog post was meant to educate the public and encourage them to embrace this type of treatment for mental and emotional disorders.

What is canine-assisted therapy?

Canine-Assisted Therapy is the used of trained dogs to help treat patients suffering from different kinds of mental and emotional difficulties. Bennett pointed out that there are many dog breeds suited for this task including the German Shepherd, Greyhound, French Bulldogs, Pomeranians, and several others. She went on to mention that the therapy dogs can be trained for the therapy room or as a companion to a patient. Therapy dogs found in therapy rooms are usually calm, and comforting to instill a sense of trust in a patient. Get More Information Here.

Benefits of canine-assisted therapy

The biggest benefit of Canine-Assisted Therapy according to Roseann Bennett is its high levels of success in treating different kinds of mental and emotional disorders. The effectiveness of this therapy can be increased by combining it with other forms of treatments.

Canine-Assisted Therapy is very effective in treating kids with anxiety. The therapy dogs help such kids relax and have confidence in themselves. Usually, these kids end up performing better in school and being happier about their life generally. The elderly who are struggling with loneliness also find therapy dogs very useful and do veterans dealing with PTSD.






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