Igor Cornelsen – From Engineer To Owner Of A Successful Investment Fund

Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947 in Curitiba, Brazil. He went to college at Federal University of Panama, his initial major being engineering, but he ended up changing it and choosing economics after 2 years of study. Upon graduating in 1970, he started his investing career after working at an investment bank.

In 1974, while working at Multibanco, he earned a board appointment, and would later on become the CEO, two years later in 1976. Multibanco would get acquired by the Bank of America in the year 1978, which is when Igor Cornelsen decided to leave and pursue other opportunities. He would work for Unibanco until 1985, a leading investment firm in the country, and then moved to Libra Bank PLC. Due to his success, he ended up moving to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, being a member on their board of directors, as well as a representative in Brazil. He would work there for 7 years, until 1995, when Igor Cornelsen took the decision to launch his own investment firm.

Mr. Cornelsen notes that his idea of his business results from his experience as an investment banker. He managed funds as part of the stock market, ever since 1971 for the banks he used to work for. He states that his business ended up growing due to finding assets that were depreciated before anyone else found them. He invested in businesses from specific countries, when he predicted that the specific country would do well, and he sold stocks in businesses from countries where he predicted a decline.

Due to his experience and education, Mr. Cornelsen advice became sought after, helping multi-national corporations and individual make investment decision that turned out profitable. He studies specific companies from multiple countries in order to stay current with the economic trends around the world.