Drew Madden takes new approach to healthcare consulting

Drew Madden has risen to become one of the most sought-after healthcare IT consultants in the country today. After a career spanning nearly two decades in the medical technology field, Madden has gained perhaps more expertise than anyone else in his industry. He is an expert on both Cerner and Epic software platforms and has vast experience with the real-world problems in their implementation.

Now, Madden has started his own consultancy firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Breaking off from the older models of healthcare IT consulting, Evergreen is focused, first and foremost, on people and the way in which both healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers interact with technology. Evergreen also has developed strong methods for dealing with the way in which people themselves form complex systems, devising protocols to help streamline medical processes ranging from medical billing to patient-doctor interactions.

Drew Madden decided in 2017 that he needed to branch out on his own in order to build a company from scratch that would reflect his people-first IT vision. He saw how doctors’ offices and hospitals throughout the country had implemented complex and highly capable software systems, yet, the outcomes they were getting were nowhere near what the potential of both the people working there and the software were capable of generating. Madden recognized that there were serious shortcomings in the ways that patients and healthcare staff alike were interacting with and interpreting intelligence from software. He thought that there could be a much better way of doing things.

That is the foundation of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company is focused on creating easy and intuitive user interfaces and implementing software in a way that naturally fits into the workflow of medical offices. Additionally, Madden doesn’t view his job to end with the successful implementation of technology. He helps medical offices and hospitals with the training of their staff and development of protocols that are able to maximize the patient experience.

Madden is also currently working on projects to simplify and streamline things from the customer-facing end. His goal is for patients to eventually choose a doctor or a procedure with the same level of ease and confidence with which they can find a good restaurant.