The rise of Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger


Matthew Fleeger is the CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western, and much of the success of the company has been credited under his leadership of the oil and gas company. Gulf Coast Western is built on working with other partners while trying to expand their territory. In fact, the company has attributed much of their success through working with other partners in the industry since its founding in 1970 in Dallas, Texas. Although they originated out of Texas, they have expanded to other states such as Mississippi, Colorado, Oklahoma, and others. They credit two key partnerships for their rise in the oil and gas industry with the two being the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. The first partnership allowed them to expand to Louisiana with the second further expanding their reign. In addition, the agreements allow Gulf Coast Western to increase the production of their oil with more production at their wells. Along with this, the company also gets to use seismic data to get insight into what they are doing as a brand. The article credits another specific partnership with Northcote Energy Ltd. to expand to Southeast Louisiana. Gulf Coast Western makes sure to make good decisions with low risk such as expanding in good climate areas, and the company values what they do as a company with moral ethics as they were rated an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Matthew Fleeger as stated prior, is responsible for the rise of Gulf Coast Western as he simply knows a lot about the oil and gas industry. He is credited as a productive entrepreneur who founded other companies such as MedSolutions, Palm Beach Tan, and Mystic Tan. Fleeger is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, specifically from the Cox School of Business. He later founded companies and built up Gulf Coast Western.


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