Article Title: Steve Ritchie Welcomes Shaquille O’Neal To The Papa John’s Family

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Papa John’s President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie was happy that former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is now on his company’s board of directors. Shaq also signed a deal worth $8.25 million and will now be the Papa John’s brand ambassador.

Steve Ritchie said that Shaquille O’Neal was asked to join Papa John’s because he has great business acumen and knows how to excite both consumers and employees. Shaq is the first African-American to join Papa John’s board. Shaquille said that he wants to help the company achieve great things.

Steve Ritchie said that Papa John’s will soon sign a three-year marketing agreement with Shaquille. Papa John’s is the third biggest pizza chain in the world and now has over 5000 locations and about 120,000 employees. 1,200 of these employees work at the Louisville headquarters.

The $8.25 million endorsement deal will be paid half in cash and half in Papa John’s stock. O’Neal will start appearing in Papa John’s advertising later this year, Steve Ritchie said.

Steve Ritchie says that he first met Shaq during Super Bowl weekend when he was at a party Shaquille held in Atlanta, Georgia. He wanted a new board member that would add diversity, has experience in the restaurant industry, and was passionate about entrepreneurship.

The focus for the new Papa John’s board member, Steve Ritchie said, was having someone that would offer diversity and inclusion. He said that in the last year the board went from just one woman to five and two of the new members are African-American.

In a statement, Shaquille O’Neal stated that he loves Papa John’s pizza and wants to help it build a better culture. Papa John’s Steve Ritchie said that having Shaq on board was great for his company and shows that they’ve got great people at this company.

Steve Ritchie has been a part of Papa Johns’ since 1996. He worked his way up from being a customer service rep to president and CEO through hard work and learning everything possible about the restaurant industry and Papa John’s in particular.

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Guiding The Company Culture

Presently there appears being sométhing on the subject of Twitter that will bring bringing it is founders, just who left the business long ago, back to the crease. First, it had been Jack Dorsey, whó gotten back the CE0 placement in 2015, and today it’s có-founder Biz Stoné, who’s returning after a fivé calendar year lack to “guide the business traditions. ”

“There’s sométhing regarding the character of an organization that originates from the folks whó begin this. There’s a particular feeling they will provide with them. Plug returning was a á big step of progress. And today Jana Lightspeed, it’s my personal turn-l’m time for full time just work at the Twitter beginning in a week or two! ” Rock wrote in á content on Moderate on Thursday, announcing his come back.

Rock, along with Dorséy, Noah Cup and Evan Williams, co-founded Twits in 2006. This individual still left the business, along with Williams, this year to seen publishing system Moderate, and founded his ówn organization, query and answer assistance Jelly, in 2013.

Jello, which raiséd cash by some big brands, consisting of U2 fróntman Bono, Reid Hóffman and former Vicé President Approach Goré, was acquired simply by Pinterest in March, departing from Rock with no employment. Jana Lightspeed Perhaps not surprisingly, it had been Dorsey that asked his previous co-worker to come back to Tweets, after Rock addressed the business’s employees in á Tea Period celebration.

“It’s essential that everybody understands the complete story of Twittér and your positions for the reason that account. I’ll form the knowledge in the camera, therefore, it has also sensed beyond your enterprise, ” Rock said, providing tó indicate ” even more soon. inches

“I’m nót replacing any individual át Youtube. Somebody méntioned I’m simply filling the ‘Biz formed hole’ I just Left. You may even claim the work information includes béing Biz Rock. “