US Money Reserve Wins Two AdSphere Awards

Recently, the US Money Reserve won the 2018 AdSphere Awards. The company won the award in the Short Form Products and Infomercials categories. Alternatively known as America’s Gold Authority, it is the second time in two years that it bagged the award. DRMetrix presents the award to top advertisers in the $350 million DRTV industry.




AdSphere continuously monitors over 120 advertising networks to determine winners. The awarding agency relies on a collective of 7,700 brands that represent various DRTV industry niches across 20 major categories and 145 subcategories to select the winner. This award has four competitive categories including 28.5-minute infomercials, brand/direct, lead generation, and short-form products. Consumer metrics analysis is used to identify brand popularity, media presentation, and the best creativity nominees.




In the highly competitive DRTV industry, the AdSphere Award is the most comprehensive. The US Money Reserve won this award after it was appointed the sole distributor of the 65th Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018 Proof Coin Set. Interestingly, this win is all the more prestigious given the limited amount of minted 2 oz. Proof Gold Coins. Besides distributing the Queen Elizabeth commemorative coins, the US Money Reserve exclusively distributes the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coin set.




About the US Money Reserve




Gold market veterans founded the US Money Reserve in 2001. They created it to provide top class services, professional direction, and expert knowledge in the purchase of precious metals. The US Money Reserve strives to create long-term relationships with its clients while ensuring the delivery of top-notch customer services and products.




Currently, it is the world’s leading private distributor of Gold, Platinum, and Silver coins. In its capacity, it has had profitable relationships with thousands of clients who wish to leverage the financial benefits that precious metals confer. Today, a team of 100+ knowledgeable and experienced professionals supports its global operations.




About the AdSphere Awards




Created by DRMetrix, the AdSphere Awards recognize top performers in the DRTV industry. DRMetrix monitors over 100 national cable TV providers 24/7/365. During its monitoring activities, it tracks all types of commercials across platforms such as SMS, websites, mobile apps, and toll-free numbers. Results obtained from its analysis of collected data are used to determine top performers in categories such as brand/DR, lead generation, short-form, and long-form commercials. Additionally, the company maintains a Top 40 Spend Index Rankings which is available to both marketers and retailers.


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