Rodrigo Terpins- The Brazilian Motorsport Champion

Rodrigo Terpins is a very popular household name in the Brazilian motorsports. Rodrigo is a professional rally driver that works competes for the great Bull Sertoes rally team in Brazil. The Bull’s team is one of the teams that takes place in the Sertoes rally circuit. The Sertoes is one of the toughest rallying tracks in this side of the world and is only participated by the most skilled drivers. Rodrigo Terpins is one of them. He has a vast experience in the rally world since he started working on car repairs at a very early age. Another important fact about the Bull Sertoes rally is the fact that it was founded Michael Terpins and his brother Rodrigo Terpins. The two brothers also participate in rallies and present the club. They have won numerous amounts of rewards in many races.


The love for sports in the Terpins family is evident as their father is a former basketball player. His brother is a rally driver too. Jack Terpins, their father, is currently a politician and is a member of the Congress in Brazil. Over the years, Rodrigo has earned admiration by many Brazilians for how prowess behind the wheel. He is termed as a mentor by many Brazilians that have an interest in motorsports. You can visit


Some notable races that Rodrigo has participated in include:-


  • T1 prototypes rally category. This is a major racing ring in Brazil. In this circuit, Rodrigo has won quite a number of titles. The latest race of the T1 category he won was a 2600 km race where he emerged in the third position considering that he drove a smaller car and the complexity of the track too.
  • 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally. Terpins and his brother Michael participated in and emerged second and 5th overall. This is termed as one of the most amazing races that the two brothers have participated in the recent times.

The brothers have in the past couple of years been representing Bull Sertoes abroad. They have also been working together in promoting the T-Rex car in their country.