Southridge Capital Is The Best Financial Firm Out Today

Most truly wealthy people get wealthy through consistently exercising a hard work ethic, not spending money excessively, and entrepreneurship; however, all wealthy people who didn’t inherit fortunes invested money they earned from working to become wealthier.


People who incorporate, operate, and work for investment management firms get wealthy, too, as long as they don’t blow through their earnings irresponsibly. Mr. Stephen M. Hicks found this out when he spent just longer than the first decade of his working life in financial services. He found the career both enjoyable and lucrative, prompting him to found his own portfolio management firm with a full line of legal and advising services. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Let’s take a look at Southridge Capital, Mr. Hicks’ very own company


In 1996, Stephen Hicks thought for the first time – serious thought, at least – that he wanted to control a financial services firm himself instead of just working for them for the rest of his life. Shortly after, he decided to officially go through with the creation of Southridge Capital.


Southridge Capital was officially incorporated in 1996 and placed just days after its legal birthdate in the affluent city of Ridgefield, Connecticut. He soon hired other employees – today, Southridge Capital has more than 45 workers – though he never formulated his dream team of executives until the past decade. Check out for more.



Here’s what Southridge Capital does for its many clients


It’s important to understand that Southridge Capital does not offer any services to individuals or personal investors. Rather, Southridge has experienced success by offering a less-common line of services to nothing other than corporations and medium-sized businesses.


Southridge Capital will usually accept clients’ money for investments and place it wherever its in-house investment analyst staff thing is most appropriate for the company’s goals. Further, almost every corporate client is also interested in consulting services like restructuring deals and asset classifications to proverbially pimp one’s balance sheet out to make potential and existing investors more interested in what those corporations have to offer. Another popular service is the oversight and structuring of mergers and acquisitions.



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Drew Madden takes new approach to healthcare consulting

Drew Madden has risen to become one of the most sought-after healthcare IT consultants in the country today. After a career spanning nearly two decades in the medical technology field, Madden has gained perhaps more expertise than anyone else in his industry. He is an expert on both Cerner and Epic software platforms and has vast experience with the real-world problems in their implementation.

Now, Madden has started his own consultancy firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Breaking off from the older models of healthcare IT consulting, Evergreen is focused, first and foremost, on people and the way in which both healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers interact with technology. Evergreen also has developed strong methods for dealing with the way in which people themselves form complex systems, devising protocols to help streamline medical processes ranging from medical billing to patient-doctor interactions.

Drew Madden decided in 2017 that he needed to branch out on his own in order to build a company from scratch that would reflect his people-first IT vision. He saw how doctors’ offices and hospitals throughout the country had implemented complex and highly capable software systems, yet, the outcomes they were getting were nowhere near what the potential of both the people working there and the software were capable of generating. Madden recognized that there were serious shortcomings in the ways that patients and healthcare staff alike were interacting with and interpreting intelligence from software. He thought that there could be a much better way of doing things.

That is the foundation of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company is focused on creating easy and intuitive user interfaces and implementing software in a way that naturally fits into the workflow of medical offices. Additionally, Madden doesn’t view his job to end with the successful implementation of technology. He helps medical offices and hospitals with the training of their staff and development of protocols that are able to maximize the patient experience.

Madden is also currently working on projects to simplify and streamline things from the customer-facing end. His goal is for patients to eventually choose a doctor or a procedure with the same level of ease and confidence with which they can find a good restaurant.

Gregory Aziz-The Driving Force Behind National Steel car

Gregory J Aziz is the CEO and President of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is based out of Ontario and is a reputable leader in the manufacturing of railroad freight cars.


1Gregory J Aziz majored in economics and attended the Ridley College as well as the University of Western Ontario. In 1971 he worked very hard with his family who owns Affiliated Foods and helped the company to grow to become a worldwide importer of fresh foods. Greg Aziz also organized the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco and transformed it into the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America in 1994. He helped the company to expand from 3,500 cars each year to 12,000 cars by 1999. He has also worked on many other investments in New York as well. Employment grew substantially as well from 600 to nearly 3,000.


National Steel Car manufactured over 100 years ago and had come to be known for being a leader in the industry. The company is committed to the community of Hamilton and has sponsored many good causes including the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, and the Theater Aquarius. They have also supported many other local charities and their employees as well as their families. They are involved with a food drive for local food banks every year and host the popular annual Christmas Party as well. They are leading the industry in new car innovation and since 1996 has been honored with the prestigious TTX SECO highest quality award.


National Steel Car is a reputable company that is very committed to excellence in everything that they do, and the cornerstone of the company is the people. That is perhaps why they have become so successful and diverse, dynamic, and so innovative. They are also very values-driven, and they are always raising the bar and upholding very high standards.


Their core values and focus are unmatched in the railroad empire, and they always deliver. They are a company that is always looking forward and has come so far because of the support and loyalty of their customers. Go Here for more information.


They value their relationships and keep good communication and correspondence with the suppliers. James Aziz has ensured that his company has a very strong sense of purpose and has the determination to move forward and always to get bigger and better while staying true to its values.




Michael Lacey’s Math Brilliance Breaks New Ground

Can numbers change the world? They can under then sharp pencil of Michael T. Lacey. He is not only among America’s foremost working mathematicians, he has earned a stellar world reputation for his contribution to the science of numbers.


The groundbreaking proofs and solutions Michael Lacey has produced are astounding. Consider that, working with German mathematician Christoph Thiele, he solved a key element of the bilinear Hibert transform — a contribution of incalculable importance. This work demystified many aspects within the critical science of signal transmission. It has wide application across the spectrum of the telecommunications industry.


For his work on the Hibert transform, Lacey was awarded the prestigious Salem Prize. That’s the equivalent of an Oscar in Hollywood, or perhaps the Pulitzer Prize in journalism and literature.


Lacey’s career began in earnest after he completed his doctoral work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987. He studied under Dr. Walter Philip, an Austrian mathematician of world reputation. He teamed up with his mentor to provide a proof for the almost sure central limit theorem. He completed this milestone while working at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


In 1989, Dr. Lacey accepted a position at Indiana University. While there he was awarded a National Science Foundation fellowship. This is the resource he used to work on the Hibert transform equations.


Lacey’s tenure at Indiana lasted through 1996. He then accepted a position at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Here again he embarked on groundbreaking work after receiving a Guggenheim Fellowship. In 2010 Lacey was inducted into the American Mathematical Society.


Other area of research for Michael Lacey have touched on probability statistics, ergodic theory and harmonic analysis. Ergodic theory involves the study of dynamical system that take on invariant measures and other factors. It’s an area that emerged from statistical physics.


The remarkable feature of most of Dr. Lacey’s work has been the solid practical applications in engineering, physics and science that have resulted. For Michael Lacey, math has always been more than just an exercise in playing with numbers. His work has made contributions to science that have made solid contributions in the real world.

Vinod Gupta Is So Successful – Here’s How He Did It

Asian Indians, or those hailing from the southeast Asian country of India, rather than the red-skinned peoples who populated the North American continent exclusively prior to the arrival of European settlers, make up roughly one percent of the United States’ population, as slightly more than three million Indians currently reside in the country.

From 2000 to 2010, the United States Census Bureau found that approximately 1.2 million Indian natives settled in the United States of America. Most of those 1.2 million immigrants likely came in hopes of living a wealthier, more promising life than what would be available in India. See This Page for additional information.


Vinod Gupta shared that same line of thinking

Mr. Vinod Gupta is a business tycoon responsible for founding InfoUSA in 1972, left India in 1967 when he was just 21 years old to achieve a higher standard of living than what was available in Rampur Maniharan, Uttar Pradesh, India, the small town where Vinod resided for his entire life.

The town of Rampur Maniharan had no toilets, electricity, running water, or other relative luxuries considered firmly-established, widely-held basic needs by the majority of United States residents.

Although Gupta was initially scared to move to the United States, having never directly been exposed to the Western world. Vinod Gupta had a mission and with a sense of opportunity of becoming a successful entrepreneur when he left India.


Hard work carried on in the United States

Vinod Gupta landed in the United States some 17 hours after leaving India. He initially settled in Lincoln, Nebraska, while attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He found a teaching assistant position in the school’s Department of Agricultural Engineering, as esteemed professor Bill Splinter was familiar with Gupta’s work ethic, having taught at the Indian school Gupta first went to.

Afterward, he earned an MBA from the same school, both of which soon led to a great position at Commodore Corporation.

Vinod also supports organizations that promote education as well. He has become a leader in the industry and believes in helping others with reaching goals.




Gregory James Aziz Continues To Lead National Steel Car

What does it take to lead a company beyond its previous success? For a start, people have to know that success doesn’t mean the end. A lot of CEOs only base their strategies on the success they want to attain. Once they’ve completed their task, they lose focus.


No one ever talks about what to do after they win. Everyone talks about never giving up after they’ve lost something. It’s more important to never give up after winning. Winning makes people complacent, and complacency makes be lazy. When people become lazy, the company suffers.


No self-respecting CEO would allow the company to fail under their watch. That’s way all the great CEO continue pushing for better success even after winning awards and honors. No matter how much they win, they want to win some more and more after that. It’s the sign of a truly great professional. See This Page to learn more.


There are some cases where quitting after winning is preferred, but that’s only in movies and short stories. In the real world, it’s more important to keep everyone on their toes and never let them become complacent. That doesn’t mean torture them and never show them appreciation.


In fact, one of the greatest CEOs in the world does both on a regular basis. Currently at the helm of National Steel Car –  a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., National Greg James Aziz understands that it’s important to appreciate and challenge his employees. Greg Aziz graduated from the University of Western Ontario and started working at his family’s wholesale food business.


He worked there for a while before moving to New York to pursue a career in investment banking. He thought investment banking would be his lifelong career, but he decided to move back to Ontario in the early 90s. After that, he started working for National Steel Car in 1994 and quickly became their new CEO.


Since becoming CEO, he’s won the company 13 TTX SECO awards and numerous other honors. Unlike other CEOs, he doesn’t take any of the credit for himself. He credits the company’s success to all the hard-working employees, which is true; they do everything for National Steel Car.


Aziz is different because he also thanks the surrounding community of Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton has been a part of National Steel since it was founded; over 2000 Hamilton residents work at National Steel.



Madison Street Capital & Their Impact In Investment Banking

Without a doubt, the investment banking scene in the United States has recently grown to be a huge part of the business. In fact, investment banking has grown in significance and popularity all over the world in recent years. So much so that it is known become the primary way to invest in the business industry. For this reason, there has also been a growth in the amount of investment banking alternatives, companies, and platforms that are trying to capitalize on this growth. These companies have even diversified their products and services as a way of getting more clients and, more specifically, investors to invest with them over other competitors. Having said that, one of the major players in this scene is the company Madison Street Capital. Classified as a global investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital has thrived on delivering quality investment services and assistance to its clients. With their self-acclaimed commitment to excellence, integrity, and knowledge of investing, Madison Street Capital has undoubtedly reached the top of the investment banking area. In reality, their excellence has reached as far as to influence and advise other companies on how to profit in investment banking. Here is more on how they have accomplished that feat as a banking firm.


Madison Street Capital & Advice To Other Companies

As we can imagine by now, virtually every single investment banking firm or platform is chasing Madison Street Capital in the ranks of best investment banks. As we mentioned before, Madison Street Capital has now reached a status in where they are being looked towards for advice. In an article on Madison Street Capital and their advice to other firms, we get to look at how Madison Street Capital is doing this. In the article, it describes how Madison Street Capital has advised companies like Professional Pipe INC. on how to recapitalize on their assets. Again, this is just one of the several companies they are advising. Also, we can’t forget that their advice towards Professional Pip INC. is just one of their many pieces of advice given their vast knowledge of investment banking. Now that we realize how big of a player Madison Street Capital has become since their arrival in the investment banking scene, we start to wonder if any other firm will grow to the level that Madison Street Capital has. Considering that other firms are looking towards them, we can also start asking if these firms are looking towards joining forces with Madison Street Capital since they can’t surpass them as a banking firm. Nonetheless, Madison Street Capital is a force in this field. Also, one thing is for sure, Madison Street Capital’s competition has a lot of catching up to do.


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Detailed Information On The Trabuco Weapon

Trabuco is a form of weapon mostly used in the Middle Age. It was a siege weapon; whose primary purpose was to crush the walls of the enemies. The Trabuco was also used to throw projectiles, over the enemy walls. The origin of the tool was in China. During the time of the Crusades, the Europeans used it. At that time, the weapon was efficient and terrifying.


The mechanism used by the Trabuco is not complicated. Trabuco was popular at the time because its manufacture and maintenance were simple. It also became prominent due to how it could throw projectiles of heavyweights over long distances than weapons that were similar to it at the time. The mechanism used by the equipment involves the transformation of the gravitational energy to kinetic energy. However, it cannot convert all energy to kinetic energy. Some of it is lost in the form of sound and heat. The speed at which the projectile moves is usually proportional to the size of the counterweight.


Humans were the ones who operated the first kind of the Traction Trabuco. The beam had a short end that was made so that the individuals pulling were attached to it. Wu Jing Yao de Zong was the one recorded to have the tremendous example of this Trabuco. About 250 individuals moving a 140-pound stone for a distance of 80 meters fed it. However, this equipment was rare because of how complicated it was to control the massive team of operators. This weapon had various limitations. It was not easy to manage the human teams. Getting them to pull strings with the same effort each time was also a challenge. This tool would give about four shots per minute, which is impressive even when compared to some of the modern weapons. However, the problems it had led it to be in use only up to the eleventh century. Read This Article for additional information.


Arab merchants were the ones who took the Traction Trabuco to the Middle East. The design was improved as the short end had added weight. Thus, the weapon had an extra reach. The time of the Crusades is when the Europeans had an encounter with the Hybrid Trabuco. They liked the idea and decided to use it. After using it for some time, they made some changes to the weapon. They could now hurl stones that weight more than one tone for a long distance.


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Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas Go For It to Enjoy Better and More Attractive Looks

For women who are very conscious about the way they look, the focus is not always on their face, but also on the overall contouring of their body. The buttocks are an essential part of the entire contour of women body, and it gives the women that hour-glass figure that they desire. However, due to various reasons, whether it is lifestyle related or genetic, many women are not always happy with the shape and size of their buttocks. It is where the need to go for Brazilian butt lift becomes essential. If you are in Dallas, you can consult one of the top plastic surgeons here named Sam Jejurikar. He is one of the top plastic surgeons in Dallas and has completed some Brazilian butt lift procedures for his clients.


Brazilian butt lift procedure is getting highly popular all across the globe due to how effective it has proved in improving the overall appearance of the person. Many women who previously were unhappy with the shape and size of their buttocks are now able to quickly perfect the way of their backside by going through the Brazilian butt lift in Dallas. Innovations Medical is also one of the clinics in Dallas where you can go for a butt lift. The procedure for butt lift is ideally risk-free, but there would be certain conditions and lifestyle changes that you would have to follow before and after the process is completed. It would ensure that you get the results you are looking for without any side-effects.


Brazilian butt lift in Dallas is becoming a simplified procedure, and more and more women, especially in their middle-age are going for it. It is a relatively affordable procedure with less risk and gives the results that change the entire dynamics of your appearance for good.

Success of Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one of the best plastic surgeons and also a member of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is recognized due to his expertise in providing high-quality services. Dr. Sam Jejurikar mainly deals with cosmetic surgery of eyes, nose, face, breast, and body. To become one of the best in this field, he has received extensive training and experience in the art of plastic surgery. Thus he has been able to help the customers meet their needs and expectation. Dr. Sam is a man on a mission to ensure that his clients get the latest innovation and approaches for their aesthetic as well reconstructive surgery.


Through his warm personality, he has been able to achieve milestone performance in the field. For instance, he helps the customer to achieve their desire such as those who are willing to look young or change their appearance altogether. He is meticulous with details, and this makes it possible for him to develop solutions which are customized to meet the demand of the specific clients.


Despite being a plastic surgeon with a busy working schedule, he finds time to take part in medical missions to help the needy in the world. For instance, he has participated in numerous medical camps such as in the Bangladesh where he helped put a smile on needy children faces. Dr. Jejurikar is always happy to help the less privileged in Dallas or across the world. In Dallas, Dr. Jejurikar is recognized for the complex services which he provides such as the full spectrum plastic surgery which emphasizes on unique procedures such as breast augmentation, mommy makeover, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and facelifts among others. The success of Dr. Jejurikar arises from his extensive training and education from a top quality institution such as the University of Michigan where he received his undergraduate. Besides he is a recipient of several honors.