Success Breeds Success!

What is the Success Academy? And why should you and your kids care? If you’re interested in answering these questions, you may want to drop everything, fire up some joe and read this article right away!


In the next few moments, we’ll discuss the tremendous growth of Success Academy Charter Schools and their innovative approach to solving problems that exist within today’s public schools.


With a track record that boast the highest scores among New York State performing schools in the last 8 years, surely you’d agree that Success Academy is definitely on to something!


So it isn’t much of a surprise that the top five schools in Math are all Success Academy Charter Schools. It’s also not very shocking that two of the top five English schools in New York State are, yes, you guessed it, Success Academy Charter Schools. With results this exceptional, it’s only fitting that we take a gander at how the Success Academy works.


As opposed to more traditional methods of teaching, Success Academy elementary students start by only receiving 80% of direct instruction a day. This forces them to actively learn, which is proven to be more effective than outdated memorization techniques of the past.


As pupils progress and grow into pre-teens in middle school, they will focus more on critical and abstract thinking. These concepts not only bode well for classroom success, but they also translate favorably into the boardroom (real world).


At Success Academy, students build a strong core for learning early on in their academic careers. And this trend is only amplified when students enter high school, where they will focus on essential STEM track (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fundamentals. But the learning doesn’t stop there. What’s so cool about Success Academy is that they focus on students’ overall personal growth? In high school, they will be driven to test their abilities more outside of the classroom, via different avenues of real world exposure, like community service and internships.


So as you can see, kids won’t get the ‘typical treatment’ at Success Academy Charter Schools. There will always be a heightened focus on classroom studies, as well as attitude and emotional well being. And it’s without question that the old adage most definitely applies here – the proof is in the pudding!

Why do Success Academy’s charter schools not have the problems public schools do?

The New York city based charter school network Success Academy is known not only for the high scores many of its students get in state-wide tests, it is also known for its schools not having the same problems other New York public schools do.


Why is this, and what has Success Academy done to make sure the schools in its network are not plagued with typical public school problems?


Success Academy discipline — Success Academy is serious about discipline. So serious it runs its schools on a platform of hard work, good behavior, high attendance, a strict dress code and an equally strict expectation of its students adhering to the rules. Any infraction is met with a consequence.


While other public schools are often lax with rules and put up with behavior that is detrimental to the entire student body, Success Academy schools make it obvious from a student being first admitted that infractions will not be tolerated.


Success Academy and fun — While Success Academy’s idea of education being disciplined sounds ominous, lessons at the schools and the way education is looked at is actually fun.


The mission of Success Academy, in fact, is to make learning seem like so much fun students want to keep doing it for as long as they can.


They do this by limiting teacher instruction to only 80 minutes per day. From then on, each student works in a group of their peers and learns by being involved in hands-on projects and by being inquisitive.


Critical thinking is also encouraged, as Success Academy knows children that can think their way through problems to a good result will do better on tests as well as do better in the education system as a whole.


Success in testing — The way Success Academy approaches education has been so successful for students in their schools, all of their elementary and middle schools now test in the 90th percentile across the state.


Thus proving Success Academy’s mission as valid — that a child, no matter what their background, can learn and succeed if given the right environment to do so.